The 6 must have items to wear at OCR Park.

OCR Park obstacle swinging on The Tank
A participant at OCR Park swinging through the largest obstacle in the UAE: “The Tank”

Visiting OCR Park but wondering what to wear? We have the 6 must-have items to wear at OCR Park here, a helpful guide from the OCR Park team, so you can have the best time without fretting over how you look and feel whilst going up, down, over and around the obstacles.

Here are the 6 must have items to wear at OCR Park for your obstacle course race ‘kit’.

Moisture absorbing t-shirt

This goes without saying – put on a good quality t-shirt or singlet. You may even opt for a long sleeve T-shirt to protect your elbows while crawling underneath our obstacle Drop & Roll, and your arms from the sun and sand. We advise opting for a polyester/spandex/nylon sports top, and not a cotton one. Cotton absorbs and holds moisture so once it is saturated, its weight may double and it may feel bulky and uncomfortable while wearing it. When cotton is saturated, it doesn’t properly ventilate and this can cause you to overheat, lose more water and get tired sooner. Also, you may find yourself having to adjust your sleeves and straighten your shirt over and over to become comfortable. On the other hand, a well-made running shirt will pull moisture away from your skin and hang comfortably without sticking throughout your workout. The modern polyester/spandex/nylon fabrics found in performance sports gear have better wicking qualities dry quicker and keep you much cooler. And you know we all need that especially in the unforgiving UAE heat.

Comfortable shorts/tights

The same concept above goes for your bottoms. If you are wearing tights, it’s ideal if you have on proper running ones which have thicker material that offer compression and support. As for shorts, try not to wear cotton or denim.

Shoes you’re not worried about getting dirty

A good pair of running shoes that have grip and are able to land you on the ground after a jump lightly would be perfect. You will be running on the sand, climbing over wooden walls and jumping from metal bars, so a comfortable, sturdy pair of shoes will be your best friend.

OCR Park shoes
OCR racer getting over an obstacle

Athletic socks

You want quality socks that offer an ideal mix of moisture-wicking and airflow. If your socks don’t handle moisture well, you might be looking at blisters and smelly feet. It is a bonus if there is extra padding in the toe and heel area, so that you can prevent blisters and any foot pain and return to OCR Park the next day again, because you had so much fun!

Long socks can also be beneficial and act as calf guards.

Protective gloves

The metal bars on some of the obstacles do get hot in the daytime, so if you would like to protect your palms, throw on some sports gloves. These will also provide you with a little more grip whilst climbing, hanging, and grabbing ropes.


Where do we live? In one of the sunniest countries in the world. This means we have to guard our skin from harmful UV radiation. OCR Park is set outdoors with little shaded area, so get ready for an exciting day full of the sun. Wear appropriate SPF and bring along a cap if need be.

What else you may need:

We think you should bring along a water bottle or a sports drink to keep yourself hydrated. Do not worry if you forget water, you can buy some at tactical support (OCR Park Reception).

For the ladies, and the fellas with the long manes – tie up your hair as it does get windy at the park and you don’t want your hair flying in your face when you’re taking on Behind Enemy Lines.

OCR Park participant completing Behind Enemy Lines obstacle

Items you shouldn’t take with you on the course:

  • Sunglasses – as they may fall off frequently while you are running, climbing, crawling, hanging or swinging.
  • Bags, phones and hanging items – please store them in our locker rooms which are safe and monitored by CCTV.

Do make sure that the apparel you’re wearing is something you don’t mind getting sandy and dirty.

We do have lockers, showers and changing rooms for your convenience at OCR Park, so not to worry if you’re full of sand! Just bring along a change of clothes and you’ll be good to go after your OCR session.

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