OCR Park

OCR Park is an endurance and challenge-based obstacle course race park for fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers of all ages and abilities. It offers an exceptional outdoor obstacle course facility on Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi. By merging obstacle course racing with fitness, the park has created a new and exciting form of sport, welcoming all levels of athletes. OCR Park is your new go-to workout routine whether you are a first-time obstacle course racer or a dedicated competitor. 

The park includes both an adult and kids’ course, so there is family fun for everyone to experience. The incorporation of latest technologies has helped the park deliver world class fitness classes and functional training alternatives.

We are committed to our community and believe that fitness should be fun and accessible to all people, regardless of ability or fitness. We are here to help you on your fitness journey, whilst also giving you the opportunity to have an exciting and entertaining time. More importantly, we are ready to put our everything into offering all the support and encouragement members need to meet individual fitness goals.

Come down and check out our new facilities.
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The facility has two obstacle courses, a dedicated functional training area, change rooms with showers for male and female. We also have the ability and facilities to host team building events and school tours with bespoke options that include food and beverage options.

We have a stage and training area for our trainers (or MC) to guide the events from.

OCR Park has also been designed to host fitness and OCR competitive events.


There are 8 adult obstacles and 8 kid’s obstacles. The adult course also has 8 fitness stations with a variety of functional fitness equipment.

Fitness classes

OCR Park allows for participants to join a scheduled class. These include a variety of disciplines and specialised training. We also encourage the fitness community to come and join us for their own workouts.


Personal Trainers

The facility has a number of highly qualified fitness personal who have experience in fitness, military fitness consulting as well as specific OCR experience

Determination Series

OCR Park supports People of Determination and inclusion to sports. We have dedicated classes and specialised staff to assist and make a great day out for all.

Leisure and Entertainment District

Hudayriyat Island is a vibrant cultural destination for citizens, residents, and tourists. The location offers a wide range of food and beverage outlets, entertainment and leisure offerings, and facilities and sports activities.

Once the home of pearl divers, Hudayriyat is a unique and distinct community destination, which draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean, creating an enhanced lifestyle which is surrounded with the wonders of nature. With a wide variety of cultural and lifestyle experiences, the Island brings together UAE residents and tourists.

Marvista is made up of several smaller destinations, held within the larger project. Marvista includes a range of food and beverage outlets and retail stores, ranging from luxury restaurants to food carts, to be enjoyed along with the area’s rustic design and seascapes.

The park has taken obstacle course racing (OCR) and fitness and merged them into an outdoor fitness and obstacle centre, providing a new and exciting form of fitness and welcoming all levels of athletes. From first time outdoor obstacle racers to dedicated competitors, OCR Park is your new go-to workout routine.



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