Corporate Team Building and its benefits

Team completing a challenge together at OCR Park during their team building event.
SEHA completing their challenge as a team during a corporate team day

The workplace environment is vulnerable to various challenges. Some of the common hurdles that characterise modern workspaces include poor employee interaction, low motivation, low engagement levels, and strained communication flow. These challenges can be quickly addressed by companies enrolling for team building programs offered by bespoke team building facilities like OCR Park. In this blog post, we will talk about corporate Team Building and its benefits.

The modern marketplace is quite competitive. Virtually all businesses are adopting new strategies to enhance customer experience while keeping production costs minimal. For example, nearly all modern age businesses are employing sophisticated technologies to optimize production lines and reach as many customers as possible. While the focus is predominantly on keeping up with emerging technologies to retain the competitive edge, HR trends suggest that leading companies are shifting their energies towards developing their employees. Team building initiatives are some of the standard methods these companies are using to improve their workers’ productivity. This article looks at some of the pertinent issues facing businesses and how team building can address them.

Challenges in the modern workplace

Regardless of business size or industry, the workplace is vulnerable to a excess of challenges. Both employers and employees are susceptible to a series of challenges that diminish their productivity. Even though most of these challenges are too obvious, it is shocking most companies have run out of ideas to handle them. These challenges include:

Finished cubes and deconstructed games at OCR Park for a team building event
Team Building games at OCR Park

Lack of motivation

According to a study by Middle East’s job site and research specialists, YouGov, only 64 percent of workers in UAE report being motivated at work. The report further states that about 31 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their employers’ recognition and appreciation. Low motivation levels among employees translate to low productivity. Employees that are not interested in their jobs tend to slag in their roles, thus reducing their performance levels.

Poor employee interaction

UAE’s workforce is one of the most diversified globally. According to Khaleej Times, over 75 percent of UAE’s workers are foreigners. Whereas living and working in a multicultural space comes with innumerable benefits, it has its shortcomings as well. Workplaces that require large teams working under short deadlines, personality or idea clashes are bound to happen. This can lead to conflicts, thus reducing interaction levels among employees. Poor worker interaction can adversely impact productivity.

Low engagement levels

Engaged employees strongly identify with the goals, objectives, and values of their companies. Consequently, they work as a team to achieve the stipulated goals. Unfortunately, most workers in the UAE are not engaged in their work. Gallup propounds that about 85 percent of UAE employees are ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ in their work. This means an overwhelming majority of UAE workers are not psychologically committed to their work and are less likely to achieve their optimum performance levels.

Poor organisational communication

Communication is one of the vital aspects of a successful organization. For a business to thrive, meet deadlines, and exceed goals, dependable communication systems and relationships must be in place. When stress, unmet expectations, relational breakdown, low morale, dissatisfied clients, family problems, health concerns, and a smaller bottom line become lingering workplace issues, poor communication is often the root problem. Most organizations, particularly medium and large enterprises, confess broken communication systems due to ineffective communication systems or poor relationships between workers. This can negatively impact customer experience and business profits.

According to research by UCR, all these issues can be mitigated by companies rolling out well-guided team-building activities. According to the study, team building initiatives have the capability of bringing employees together and putting them on the same page for the purpose of achieving business goals and objectives as a team. The following section discusses how team building solves these challenges.

Team Building challenge being completed at OCR Park
Putting together the Team Building structure

Corporate Team Building Benefits

Team building is the process of turning a group of individual employees into a cohesive team organized to work together to meet customers’ needs and business goals and objectives. The primary aim of team building is to develop individual employees’ capabilities while creating stronger bonds among members of the group by promoting respect and acknowledgment of differences. Team building can include activities such as short problem-solving games, outdoor games, retreats, and even joint fitness sessions. Some of the key benefits of corporate team building are:

Increase motivation

According to The Small Group Research review on 103 studies on team building conducted between 1950 and 2007, team building can substantially increase employee motivation. The review states that all businesses with meaningful, well-planned team building programs reported higher motivation levels among employees. Team building creates an atmosphere where employees feel good about themselves and their colleagues. As a result, their confidence and trust in the organization are heightened hence higher motivation.

Active employee interaction

As aforementioned, the primary objective of team building is to create social bonds between workers. It initiates these ties by facilitating workers to understand and respect the differences between them. Team building creates avenues outside the workplace for natives to interact with expatriates and learn about their cultures and perspectives. This understanding is vital for establishing healthy employee interactions and collaboration.

Improve communication flow

Enjoyable fun activities enable employees to get to know each other, creating a better understanding of each other and eliminating mistrust by encouraging people to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences. Furthermore, these activities nurture employee strengths while addressing their weaknesses. These qualities are essential for improving the flow of communication between workers in a business. Efficient flow of information in an organisation not only impacts the bottom line but also creates an opportunity for companies to develop remote teams. Improved flow of communication is particularly valuable for businesses that are still operating remotely because of Covid-19 pandemic.

Enhance employee engagement

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resources Management, team building can enhance employee workplace engagement by 70 percent. The report propounds that by improving motivation, communication flow, and interaction, employees increase their focus on work. Besides, well-designed team building activities familiarize workers with company goals and objectives.

Other benefits of team building activities include improved creativity, identification of leadership qualities, improved mental health, better physical health, reinforces responsibilities, and trains on teamwork. Team building opens businesses to endless opportunities to enhance productivity, as long as they partner with the right team building facility such as OCR Park.

The games to be completed during Corporate Team Building events at OCR Park
Team Building games at OCR Park

Why OCR Park?

OCR park is one of the leading team building destinations in Abu Dhabi. The park is located in serene like environment perfect for corporate team building activities. Besides its state of the art military theme equipment and programs meant to help individuals explore their strengths, weaknesses, fears and aspirations, the park offers catering options, photographer and videographer options, and transport to and from the site. Unlike other service providers, OCR Park offers bespoke activities specifically tailored to the needs of customers. Their packages are structured to suit all budgets. Take action today, contact us and begin the journey to building your team.

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