Meet the trainers at OCR Park

Oussema Ahmed

Hey Obstacle Course Racers, meet our awesome trainer Oussema!

Originally from Tunisia, Oussema has been in the UAE since the past 7 years and was previously a fitness instructor for the UAE military.  “I really enjoy my time at OCR Park – a military themed facility where I can train clients in the same style I did when I was with the military!” Now he is well-loved at OCR Park. Well, almost! He has a love-hate relationship with our members as he has a ‘laugh now, cry later’ mindset which he enforces on them whilst training to get the most out of each workout. People come out of his classes dripping with sweat, saying Oussema pushed them to their limits and they’re never coming back… only to come back the next day eager to do it all over again.

Oussema is a passionate instructor who will assess your fitness needs carefully and customize your personal training workouts accordingly.

Oussema enjoys basketball, watersports, weightlifting, as well as martial arts in his free time.

Coach Phanexis

Originally from the Philippines, Phanexis has been participating in obstacle courses for the past five years. She has completed several Obstacles Races events within the Emirates and is now with us at the UAE’s largest permanent OCR facility in Al Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi. The OCR Park.

“I found obstacle course racing events so enjoyable, but I had to wait some time for these seasonal events. – I wanted to do this all day, every day!”

And now she can do it all day! She loves sharing and spreading her passion for Obstacle Course Racing with all our visitors.
She specializes in ladies-only OCR group classes at the park and is well-loved by women, men, and kids alike due to her helpful and enthusiastic nature. She is a certified level 3 Fitness Trainer with an outstanding track record in 1 to 1 personal training. If you are looking for a talented female trainer, Phanexis is your to-go.

Phanexis enjoys participating in triathlon. She is a member of a dragon boat team and a marathoner. She volunteered in some sports events in her free time.


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