The perfect activity for kids: Obstacle Course Racing

Child climbing an obstacle at OCR Park
An OCR Park participant on the kids course taking on Rambo obstacle

At OCR Park, we believe that obstacle course racing is the perfect activity for getting kids active and outdoors, all whilst having a great time too. Activities that make up obstacle course racing, such as climbing ropes, crawling through sand, swinging from monkey bars are things that come naturally to kids. Kids love the outdoors.

Getting the kids outdoors

They have energy and innately excel at activities that get their heart racing and their little selves moving. However, since the lockdown and COVID-19 safety measures have been put in place, kids have been cooped up at home for a long time. With their eyes glued to screens constantly (be it for distance learning, playing online games or scrolling through social media), kids are slowly losing their energy for adrenaline-pumping and sweat-inducing outdoor sports.

With the COVID-19 vaccine now readily available in the UAE, we are all hoping that 2021 will be the year when we can be free to be out and about and resume our favorite activities as well. With restrictions now slowly easing up in the UAE, we can now let our kids run free (whilst following appropriate safety measures). What better way to re-energize their spirits other than going on an obstacle race course!

Participants at OCR Park. Ready to take on the Mini Instructor
Kids at the bottom of the Mini Instructor obstacle at OCR Park

Finding the perfect activity for kids

Obstacle course racing is the perfect activity for kids and we will give them an entire day to race and compete to their heart’s content. The great thing about OCR Park is that you can come here 7 days a week from 6 am to 9 pm, and you do not have to wait for any upcoming OCR events. We are the largest permanent obstacle course racing facility in the UAE. Our timings mean that you can bring in your kids before or after school.

OCR is an inclusive activity for all children with different fitness abilities, so they can all have some well-deserved fun with friends and family. Obstacle course racing can help keep kids active, teach them teamwork, co-operation skills and the importance of working together in sport. It also helps kids work on their coordination, agility, endurance, and concentration. This is very beneficial for a growing child’s mind and body, as well as to their future.

If you feel that your kids are not quite aren’t quite ready for the physical demands of OCR, why don’t you try it out with them? You know that kids imitate mostly what they see the adults in their life doing, so why not show them how much fun going on an obstacle course is? We also have trained course experts around the park to provide you and your kids with any assistance necessary. So, help them prepare by feeding them nutritious food, getting them dressed in race-ready gear, and come on over!

Group of kids celebrating after they just completed the course at OCR Park
Kids celebrating after completing the course at OCR Park

Preparing for your visit to OCR Park

This goes without saying, but all physical activity comes with some risk of injury – but as long as you and your little ones take the necessary precautions, you have nothing to worry about. Aside from being careful, it’s also a good idea to ease into a more active lifestyle and coming prepared to OCR Park, starting with less strenuous activities that so that you can absolutely excel at and smash obstacle course racing.

We spoke to a few kids who visited OCR Park, and they told us they never want to leave! If their parents won’t pull them away to go home after obstacle racing for the whole day, they’ll just stay here! We recommended getting some well earned rest and then doing it all over again the next day.

Book the whole family for a fun day out that everyone will enjoy.

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