How do I join OCR Park?

We have a range of membership options, beginning from a day pass to annual memberships. Click here to view our pricing options.

How much does it cost for a membership?

Our membership options start from AED 249 per month which gives you full access to the park, fitness classes, world class equipment, changing room facilities, free guest passes and complimentary Personal Training sessions.

Can I bring a guest?

Working out with a friend is more fun and helps keep you motivated. To bring a guest with you to OCR Park, they will be required to sign in on our guest register. Each guest can only visit the park once as your guest before they join as a member. Additional guest visits can be made by purchasing a general access ticket for each visit.

What are OCR Parks opening hours?

OCR Park will be open from 9am to 10pm, 7 day a week with floodlights available during the evening.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

The health and safety of OCR Park’s customers is our number one priority. Strict COVID19 guidelines must be adhered too – we require all OCR Park customers to bring their own towel.

What are the different membership options?

We have different membership options to suit all budgets – 1 day passes, monthly membership options and an annual membership. For more information, please visit our pricing page.

Are there lockers available at OCR Park?

Yes, please bring your own padlock to secure your belongings. Our park rules are that lockers must be secured if occupied and only used for the duration of visit to OCR Park. Please note: lockers will be cleared of belongings every night.

Is there free parking available?

Yes, we have free parking available on site.

Do you have classes?

Yes, we have a range of different group fitness classes available suitable to all levels of fitness that will get you prepared and ready to take on the obstacles at OCR Park. For more information, visit our services page.

What gym equipment do you have available?

OCR Park offers a range of world class gym equipment from rowing machines to free weights, functional equipment and kettlebells and many more.

Do you have personal trainer in the gym?

We have our personal trainer at OCR Park – Oussema-. Working with our personal trainer ensure the exercises performed are specific to your goals and are executed safety.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your OCR Park membership at any time provided you’ve reached your minimum contract period. Please contact our team to arrange cancellation of your membership. Click here to view our terms and conditions.

Can I leave my kids here while I’m away?

Children are to be supervised by the parent or guardian at all times during their visit to OCR Park, even better why not challenge yourself on the course with your family for a great day out.

I have a low level of fitness, how can I complete parts of the obstacle course?

OCR Park caters to all levels of fitness abilities. We have OCR Classes that help you build strength and fitness, to get you ready for the course. Alternatively, we have Personal Trainers available for 1 on 1 sessions that can help get you ready to take on the obstacle course.

Will someone assist us or guide us the whole time?

OCR Park offers 1 on 1 sessions at a Personal Training rate. Click here to visit our pricing page.

What is the fastest time to finish the course?

Our officially record the fastest lap to finish to course was set by our Coach Oussema who completed the course in 6min 30 sec.

Are you guys still open in summer?

Yes, we are open during the summer and recommend wearing gloves when taking on the obstacles.

Do offer ladies only timing/classes?

Yes, we do offer ladies only classes.

Can kids do the classes?

Yes, we are offering kids classes with our personal trainer.

Can the kids go on the adult obstacles?

We recommend that kids aged 15 and over can attempt the adult’s obstacle course as the obstacles are significantly more challenging, we would advise supervision during the run.

Are group classes included in the day pass?

Day passes are valid for use only on the obstacle course which you may go around as many times you like during the day. If you would like to participate in our group classes, please book your spot here.


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