For the month of March, OCR Park is offering your first personal training session FREE*.

Are you ready to get serious about your fitness goals? Our highly trained fitness trainers at OCR Park will dedicate your training session to your goals and needs whilst providing expert guidance and tips.

Tailored Workout to Your Needs

Our personal trainers can guide you to maximize every workout and how to exercise in a safe and effective way. Whether you are completely new to obstacle course racing or looking to change your exercises up to keep things fresh, our personal trainers can help show you.

A Dedicated Qualified Personal Trainer

It’s not just about getting over the obstacles, it’s also about getting the correct form and technique too. Helping you avoid injuries and providing you feedback whilst performing your exercises.

Guidance on Smashing the Obstacles

You’ve heard about the biggest obstacle in the UAE “The Tank” and it’s got you wondering how you’ll smash it. Our qualified fitness trainers will take you through the exercises and muscles to build up in order to go out and take on each obstacle at OCR Park.

Eat Clean and Train Hard

While you might be smashing it on the obstacle course, our personal trainers can also provide advice on your nutrition and how to fuel your body for the next time you’re on the course.

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